Friday, March 16, 2012

Do You Actually Run?

That is the question I ask people all the time when they are looking at the BOB stroller.
Do you actually run? 
If you do, then absolutely the BOB is the best stroller for you.
But most people don't run, and tell me they have no intention of ever running!
If that's the case, there are plenty of other great stroller choices out there. 

But if you are a runner, I really love the BOB. 
Let me first say this, which you probably already know, but just in case...
 you can NEVER run with a baby while they are in their infant carrier and
you cannot run with baby until they are 6 to 8 months old.
Until that age, given their lack of head control, you are basically giving them shaken baby syndrome. 

On to the stroller...
It's big, it's meaty, and it strolls like a dream. 

As I said, this stroller is big. It's not lightweight in any stretch of the imagination. 
Every time I see a mom in the mall pushing this I can't help but think, 
bad choice lady! 
 Yes, this thing strolls as smooth as butter, but try getting through the shopping racks!

It does have an adjustable handle which is a plus. 
The basket on it is pretty small. Although, if you are out running you don't need a big basket.
It also offers a generous canopy. 
And it will take a child to 70 lbs., which is HUGE!

The collapse isn't bad, but it's certainly not the one handed fold other strollers offer.
(cough cough, baby jogger, cough cough)
As you can see, while it is a big stroller, it folds down pretty well. 
Again, I'm comparing it to the Chicco Cortina. 
That front wheel also pops off really easily if you need it to fit in your trunk. 

The Revolution has great suspension. 
This picture *sorta* shows you the difference in tire size between both strollers.
 The tires are huge. 
I realize it's like comparing apples to oranges, but you get the point! 
It does not offer a flat recline, which can be a bummer.

 Overall, I really do like this stroller. 
It's excellent if you need an all terrain stroller, and will actually use it 
on all different terrains. 
If you are looking for something that will mainly go to the mall and walks
around your neighborhood, don't spend $400 to $500 bucks on this bad boy.


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  1. I love my Double BOB, I use it for everything including jogging. It pushes likes a dream and is the only stroller that I can take to the grocery store and shop with the twins. I also find that it does fit in most clothes racks but there are some that it gets stuck on. We bought ours at a great discount but I love it!


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