Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I guess you could say I am making progress in this journey of my thyroid and getting pregnant. I strongly believe (hope) the two are related.  

In December I finally saw an endocrinologist, who told me I needed to come back next month to do another round of blood work to finally diagnose me. Assuming my thyroid levels were still high, he would have diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and I would have started medication for it. 

As of Jan. 1st, I no longer have the same insurance, so I started the hunt for a new endo., and I found one. I have my first appointment next week. I'm hoping to finally get some answers. But, I have a feeling this appointment will call for more blood work, and then another appointment for a diagnosis.

I am hoping and praying that after this appointment it is only a matter of a few months until I am able to get pregnant. In a dream world I hope I am pregnant by June.  But this is a step, if only each step wasn't so dang expensive. 

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