Thursday, April 1, 2010


I usually spend my days bitching and moaning on this blog. I can always find the negative in any situation, but I have to work on that. And I really do have a lot to be thankful for. So today I am stopping and taking note of all the things I have to be thankful for in my life.

1. Travis, my loving and incredible husband. I don't know what I would do or be without him. He has shown me what love is. He knows me better than I know myself (sometimes!). He can somehow put up with all my craziness and keep me calm in moments of panic and excitement. God knew the type of man I needed and he truly blessed me with Travis.

2. Our Little Home. And when I say little, I mean LITTLE. I have seen so many bloggers who are in a position where they cannot sell there homes and buy something bigger, listen here people, we live in 542 sq.ft.! Anything bigger than that is palatial if you ask me. While there are several things I wish I could change about our apartment (we can't have pets, a few hundred extra square feet would be nice, a second bedroom, living on the 2nd or 3rd story) I love that we live in a safe and beautiful area, and this may be the only time we can afford to live on a golf course. I love our little place, it is our first home together. It is cozy and has room for everything we need.

3. My Sista/Family. I love them all so much and I miss living near all of them. As much as our apartment is now home, going to my parents house will always be home. I was just there this past weekend and I just love getting to spend time with my parents.

4. Fresh Flowers. Having fresh flowers in our place puts a huge smile on my face. I love, love, love flowers. If I could afford it I would go to the wholesale flower mart at least twice a week.(I'm also searching for a Farmer's Market here in S.D., anyone have any suggestions?) These are flowers from my bff Ambre's shower this weekend.

5. My Sewing Machine. This is my little slice of heaven and peace. I am not the best at sewing but I thoroughly enjoy it! I am trying to get better and start sewing more and more. This is my messy craft corner. It makes me happy, so very happy.

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