Thursday, April 22, 2010

How We Met

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today at Kelly's Korner the topic is how your met your husband. Travis and I did not have traditional start to our relationship. I had just moved back to San Diego and had transfered to a new Chili's. The first shift I worked there was a guy who I thought was the most arrogant jerk I had ever met. He thought he was incredible at his job (in his defense, he was). This guy was Travis. I couldn't stand him, I hated having to work shifts with him and pretty much didn't talk to him for the first six months we worked together. Then one night we went out with mutual friends and we started talking, and I realized, he wasn't that bad!

It took us a few months before we started dating. Travis was crushing on someone else at the time and once his feelings for her were gone we started dating. I knew within a few weeks of dating Travis I would marry him. He was unlike any other guy I had ever dated. He was so patient, calm, caring, and loving. At the beginning of our relationship I was having really bad anxiety issues and he would just sit with me each night, rub my back, pray with me and tell me everything would be okay. I don't know any other guy that would do that when a girl is crying and vomiting every night due to anxiety. I think anyone else would have said "i'm done with you", but Travis stuck around. And I am so glad he did!

Three years later he popped the question! And five months after that we said "i do".It was the best day of my life.


  1. such a great story
    and your wedding photos are SO gorgeous, and FUN!

    I absolutely CANT wait until the day I get to do this!


  2. Isn't it funny how even you two didn't get along at first, that all changed and you wound up together. Such a fun story, and I'm glad I found it through Kelly's Korner

  3. Great story and really cute blog...
    Happy Sunday. I have a few hours to blog hop glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....


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