Saturday, May 16, 2009

Deep In The Heart of ?????

I'm starting to have my usual doubts about moving to Texas. Can someone please make this decison for me, please. Here are the facts: I want to move out of California, at least Southern California. Texas just seems so far away. It's a 5 hour plane ride, and a 24 hour drive. This is my reason for not wanting to be so far away, our future children. I cannot imagine being so far away from my parents, especially being a first time mom. I know people live far away from their families and have children every day. But for me, I just get sad every time I think about it. So now my mad search is beginning, for the perfect place to move. It has to be within a few hours away, no more than a 2 hour plane ride, and somewhere you can drive within 8 hours. It has to have a that "home town" feel. It must be safe and have great schools. It needs to have personality. I don't care if it is out of the state. And there can be no "bro's and bro ho's". Oh, and did I mention this place needs to be affordable. Any suggestions on where this place is?!

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