Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stocking Up

I am a firm believer in "if you see something at a great price, buy it." I am a cheap ass of epic proportion, however if I find a great deal, I feel it is my duty to buy it then, as opposed to paying full price. With that said, I have started a not-so-small collection of things for the future.I prefer to think of it as "stocking up." And when I say for the future, I mean my future home Travis and I will one day live in and our future children we will one day have.

Since I have lived on my own previously, I have a collection of glassware and dishes that allows me to feel as though I live in Crate & Barrel. However, that doesn't seem to stop me. We better have a kitchen with lots, and lots, and lots of cabinets. Last time I checked, I had around 30 pieces of glassware (martini, margarita, and wine glasses), 20 salad plates, 20 dinner plates, and 16 bowls, not including the new pieces listed in this post. However, these all have their own themes to them, and none of them match one another. And let me add, none of these are holiday themed! So needless to say, when Travis and I do get married, we won't need any dishware, however, I'm sure there will still be some on the registry!

Anyways, the moral of the story here is to show off some of my newest purchases! I think I am a great bargain hunter, and love to share my finds with others. If you don't find these amusing, feel free to stop reading at this point! ** And yes, Travis does know I purchase baby items. I show off all my purchases to him!And no, I do not think that buying baby items before I am pregnant will jinx us getting pregnant one day. One way or another we will be parents, if that means me getting pregnant or us adopting, either way, we will have children.

**These plates I just loved! These were marked down to $1.85 at Target..who can resist?

**Newest salad plates. I could only find 2 left, but they were marked down to $3.75 at Target, and I just had to have them!

**This was a custom order, but really, what UT fans could pass it up?! And it was only $10...ahh the joys of Etsy!

**Who can live without Mary Jane's and BabyLegs?! 3 pairs of Mary Jane socks for $2.99 at Ross and BabyLegs for $2.95 at Target

**The glittery silver pair are Converse I got for $2.75 at Target on clearance, and the black pair I got at Ross for $3.99

**One of my favorite purchases ever! I found this at a store in Old Town Temecula, and just had to have it! It will look great anywhere, but I can't stop thinking how great it will be in our little boy's room one day! (let's all pray God gives us a boy!)

These are just a few of my favorites! I have plenty more, but I will save those for another post.

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