Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That Whole Getting Pregnant Thing

April was the last time we did anything medically 
in an attempt to get pregnant. 
Ever since we have just been living life.
Don't get me wrong, not for one second did I stop thinking 
about the next time we could start really trying again.

I thought I was doing okay at accepting that we financially had to 
take some time off. Haha
That is until friends starting announcing their pregnancies.
And then all the pain came flying right back.
Clearly, I was not doing as well as I thought. 
I just can't sit here and be doing nothing.
I needed to at least have a plan.

So last week Travis and I sat down and discussed where we were going from here.
We have made the decision we are going to go forward and try IVF.
Ideally it would happen in November. 
We are moving in October and I just know the stress isn't going to do
anything to help, so I want get the move out of the way.
We haven't talked to my RE about it yet, although 
I do know he suggested IVF should our last IUI not be successful. 
The plan is to make an appointment in the next few weeks to 
talk to our RE about our decision and where we go from here. 

We are praying this works. 
Any thoughts and prayers you could send our way would be much appreciated.
Hopefully next year at this time I am blogging about my pregnancy
and not the crap that is infertility! 


  1. SOOOO excited, hopeful and prayerful. Seriously! This is IT!

    Love the new blog design, too!

  2. I'm glad you have a plan. And I am sending so many positive thoughts your way! I'm sure the coming months will be stressful and you'll be anxious, but your baby(ies?!) will be worth the wait.

  3. I am glad that y'all have a new plan! I know how much having just a plan can put you at ease alittle bit.

  4. You have a plan. A plan is good. I am a BIG planner too! Thoughts and prayers for you and Travis.

  5. Hey Jenn, I am praying for you. I am right there with you. Thoughts and prayers for you and your hubby.

  6. A plan always makes things seem easier...keep planning. Plan a vacation. Plan a weekend...plan dinner. Each plan makes the days easier. That's what we did during each cycle of meds. We would say, if this works, great, if not, what's our plan? Keep it up and good luck. IVF is an exciting and emotional roller coaster ride.


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