Sunday, August 26, 2012


Meet our darling little girl Callie!

We adopted her last Sunday, and I could not love this girl more! 
She is the sweetest dog ever.
I cannot for the lift of me figure out why she was the shelter for so long.
But, I'm not complaining because we got her.

The shelter is guessing she is around 3 years old.
They are also guessing she is a collie mix..maybe shepherd.
One thing is for sure though, she is such a love.

We have been working on some serious separation anxiety. 
Any time we are out of her view she starts crying and barking.
But aside from that, she is perfect.
Yesterday and today I took her to doggie day care since Travis and I were
both working all day. She had the best time ever.
When Travis picked her up yesterday she hopped in the back seat and
immediately feel right to sleep. 

I may have asked Travis if I could stop working and just 
stay home with her all day. I'm already turning into one of those dog owners! 


  1. Congrats!!! She is a real cutie pie :) Thank you for adopting from the shelter!


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