Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad Influence

As you probably already know I have a problem buying baby "stuff"! Well, let me just say my amazing boss does not help. I just love her and on days she is home we sit around talking baby stuff and comparing items. It is like heaven for me!

And since she bought plenty of stuff before she was pregnant (although probably not near as much as me!), it has given me the green light. Plus, we are always sharing discounts we find online. Dear Lord, help me please! I CANNOT pass up a good deal. I blame my mother for that; she taught me at an early age to be thrifty and wait for sales.

So, here are the items I have taken into my possession this week:

Like I said I have an incredible boss, and she gave me this today! Her girls used it less than 5 times and I plan on making a new cover for it once the day comes!

Like I said, she is a bad, bad influence. And I don't mind it one bit!

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