Sunday, July 12, 2009

Help is on the way

I start seeing a therapist on Tuesday, and I am so excited. I doubt many people say that, but I am! I have never had a problem talking about the fact that I have seen several therapist's in my life, and I think they are amazing. So, the fact that my job is paying for me to go is even better. I am really hoping I connect with my new therapist and she can help me deal with my many issues. I am looking foward to getting a new perspective on what I have been dealing with and really help me. I am so tired of being depressed, and dealing with anxiety and paranoia. I haven't really talked to many people about what is going on in my life, if you are intersted, feel free to ask. I just don't like bombarding people with my craziness!

Anyhoo, I am praying that my depression will let up soon. It has been really bad lately, and I am over-analyzing everything in my life, which just leads to more depression. About a week ago Travis and I went to Sea World for the day. It was the first time in a really long time that I went a whole day without getting depressed or upset. I just had a great, amazing day that day. I enjoyed life and all the small things. I want every day to be like that day. I know Travis wishes I was like that every day too.

I could use some change... a new outlook on life would be a great start. I don't really know where I am going with this post, other than to say, if you wonder why I have been extra crazy lately, dont fret, help is on the way!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and being so open its tough to talk about the hard stuff. I have been where you are right now.. It will all work itself out, and I hope this therapist can helo!


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