Saturday, April 4, 2009

She's All Grown Up

Last Saturday my little sister became a married woman. Never did I ever think she would beat me to the punch, but she did. And I could not be happier for her. The day was great, but I'm not going to lie, it was crazy. There were 5 million things going on. My sister and I are very DIY kinda gals, and this turned out to be a problem when you are as into weddings as we are. Don't get me wrong, her wedding was amazing and beautiful, but there were a lot of projects that simply never got finished.

My sister didn't want a traditional wedding cake, as many people don't like it. Plus the cost is just absurd. So instead she wanted to do a dessert table as well as cupcakes. Jess and Adam LOVE cheesecake, so they were going to cut into that. Well, as it turns out, nobody (okay, my mom) never went and bough the cheesecake. Thank goodness we had cupcakes nearby.

I think everybody involved in the wedding was on high stress alert that day. Many things did not go as planned. But in the end her and Adam are now husband and wife. And that is all that matters. They said I do. I am really so happy for them. I wish people who were invited to their wedding weren't so lame, but all in all it doesn't matter.

I am so glad that it was my sisters wedding last weekend and not my own. I do not mean that mean. There is simply no way I could have dealt with the stress like my sister did. I would have been a compete basketcase. Jess held it together so well, I was amazed. Half way through dinner I looked at Travis and said "we will be eloping, and no, I'm not kidding."

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