Tuesday, August 6, 2013

California Here We Come (came)

6 months.
That's how long it's been since I have posted anything here. 
I wonder if anyone still reads this thing. 
Guess we will find out. 

Things have changed over the past six months. 
For starters, we no longer live in Texas. 
July 9th, we packed everything up and moved back to California.
I couldn't be happier to be back. 
We are less than 5 minutes from my parents house and 15 minutes from my sister.
The dogs are LOVING it here in California. 
But who wouldn't? 

We were incredibly blessed to find an amazing house to rent,
and we got an insane deal on it. 
Once it starts looking more like a house I might post some pictures. 
We live in a great neighborhood filled with kiddos, a park, several pools
and everything I could want or need within 5 minutes. 

Travis was able to transfer back out here with his job. 
I however am still looking for a job. 
It is not going well. Not going well at all.
Anyone need a nanny?! 

If you had told me 6 months ago we would be living back in California by July
I would have thought you were slightly crazy. 
We did intend on moving back by the end of 2013,
but not this soon. 
Things started happening in our life, and the lives of those closest to us
and we realized we just needed to be back here and close to family and friends.

So here we are.
 And we are here to stay. 


  1. Welcome back! If you want to commute to OC 3x a week, I'm looking for a nanny ;)

  2. I am still here!!! Glad you are back where you are happiest!!

  3. Horray, I wish I could have seen you, but now that your are STUCK THERE FOREVER! I can come visit... HORRAY... Im waiting on cheesecake.

  4. I am still here, congrats on the move. Look forward to more..

  5. So happy to see you post something! I am so excited for yall :)

  6. Welcome back! It's good to see you blogging again :) Good luck with your job search.


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