Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things My Dog Has Taught Me

Callie has been a part of our family for three weeks now.
God help me if I am the same type of parent to our children 
as I am to this dog. 
Here is what I have learned. It's not good.

1. I'm a helicopter mom.
This poor dog. Every time we are at the dog park I hover over her making
sure other dogs are trying to fight her. Travis keeps telling me I need to relax.
 hahah...not going to happen

2. I hate leaving her.
I don't like leaving her home alone. I know, she's a dog.
But she is stuck in the apartment and all alone. I'd much rather 
spend the money and take her to daycare where she gets to play all day. 

3.  The best of the best
I only want the best stuff for her. 
Whether it's food, toys, daycare, you  name it, it has to be awesome for this girl. 

Seriously people, how am I this obsessed and neurotic about our dog?! 
I just love her to pieces and can't imagine not having her around. 


  1. Isn't amazing how much joy and stress they can bring to your life!! I was the same way with our dog. I will admit she gets less love from us now that we have a baby but she will always be our first baby. We enjoy our time with her when K sleeps and still take lots of walks :)

  2. So what's the problem with being totally obsessed with your dog? Seems perfectly normal to me!


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