Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation 2012

Travis and I just got home from a lovely 10 day vacation. 
We got to spend our time in California with my family.
It was so nice to be home, but as always it goes by far too fast. 
There are so many people I want to see, and as always I don't 
have enough time to spend with each and everyone. 
I hate feeling spread so thin while I am there. 
But enough complaining! On to the trip.

The whole point of the trip was based around my sister and brother inlaw's
house warming party they were having. 
So the first few days were spent working on my sister's house.
My sister and her husband both work full time and had a ton of 
work to do on the house, so it's been a work in progress.
But, we were able to get it all together just in time for the party!
I don't have any pictures. Sorry. 
It was a lovely party. 
And I was able to see lots of family and friends at one time!

Between getting ready for the party I was able to get away for 
a few hours to go down and visit Kim and the girls! 
It was so great seeing the girls.
I miss those ladies like CRAZY. 

Travis got to do lots of golfing while we there.
We did some wine tasting.
A little bit of reading. I may have read through the 2nd & 3rd books
in the "50 Shades" trilogy. I'm obsessed.
Many, many cocktails were consumed.
Spent a day at the pool with my sister and mom.
Had breakfast with my cousin and her family.
One day Kim drove up and met my sister, mom and I at Pechanga
for some old school Bingo! woohoo
(Random fact, I LOVE bingo)
After bingo we went to winery to enjoy some wine and chit chat.
By the end of that we all needed to eat so we met Travis and my dad
at our favorite mexican restaurant. 
While I LOVE the girls, it's so nice getting to spend time with Kim alone.

In a nutshell, that was our vacation.
We got home yesterday, and spent all day today doing laundry
and trying to prepare mentally for going back to work. 
 It was a wonderful getaway.

* Miramonte Winery. They did an excellent job on their recent reno

* A pitcher of Sangria and snacks makes everything in the world great

*Moonshine soaked cherries. They will knock you on your ass

* B-I-N-G-O

* The soundtrack to our drive to LAX to pick up Travis. Let the good times roll

* Hippie juice. Mmm

* This is Pearl, my parents newest addition. More on her later.

* This is why Virgin rocks

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  1. How fun!! Sounds like a great time and I am guessing great CA summer weather! {Love me some CA summer weather!}


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