Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still Waiting

Travis has his interview a little over a week ago,
and we have yet to hear anything since.
It's driving me nuts. 
He was asked during his interview if we were open to relocating. 
We are insane and said yes. 
Who knows, we could be moving again much sooner than we though.
We did receive more information about the Arkansas location,
and there is NO way it's going to happen. 
We would be in the middle of nowhere.
When I looked up a RE through our insurance, there wasn't one within 100 miles.
 That sealed the deal for us. 

We know there are two positions available in Houston,
one in an area that from what I have seen online, looks awesome.
Trav's area director told him he sent his information to other markets,
but we have no idea what markets those are, and if they include Houston. 
So, we are just sitting here waiting to hear something. Anything. 
I don't exactly "wait" well.
Especially when it involves a pay raise. 
A rather substantial one. 
One of these days I will learn I can't control everything,
and I've got to just sit back and know things will happen at the right time.


  1. Hi! This is really random but I found your blog while looking through dish baby while in the process of finding other women going through infertility. It seems like you have been through so much lately and I just wanted to let you know that you and your husband are in my prayers.



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