Monday, October 11, 2010

So Blessed

Last week the family I nanny for put the girls car seats in my car. It was not a good situation. I drove a Honda Element and because the door open "suicide" style and the seats sit behind the car doors it was literally impossible to get the girls in the car. I had to go through the "trunk", pull each seat down, put the girls in and then put the seats back up. I would have to do this 4 times on an outing with just one stop. I DON'T THINK SO. At first I thought it would be fine, and then I started driving home and quickly realized I couldn't see out over my right shoulder because the car seats sit up so high, the seats in the Element are stadium style so they sit higher. This car was NOT made for people with small kids. I was so bummed because when I bought this car two years ago thinking it would be a great car for kids. I was SO wrong.

I told T the issue and he said we could go car shopping. We spent Friday night and Saturday night shopping. I test drove a 4Runner, Traverse and a Highlander. I fell in love with the Highlander. It was slightly out of our price range, but we fought hard and felt comfortable with our monthly payment. I told T it was up to him, as he is the bread winner in our house. There were many things that fell into place that allowed us to afford this car. I now realize why God didn't allow for other things to work out the past month. He had a plan! This was just another reminder that I need to quit trying to plan our life, because God is in control, not me.

Here is my new baby...and I couldn't love her any more! Now I can't wait to fill it with babies of our own!!

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