Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Drinking Game

The Holidays are here. Blast. 
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas more than the next person. 
But, the holidays tend to be a constant reminder that another 
year has gone by and my uterus is still empty. 
I decided to create a little drinking game to get through Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Play along. 

Rules: Make sure you have plenty of alcohol on hand before starting.
 Drink = a hefty swig of the adult beverage of your choice, no sipping

  You are headed to your inlaws for the day - take a drink

The first post on your Facebook timeline is a picture of a  friends baby - take a drink

 Each additional baby picture post on Facebook - take a drink

 Every time someone refers to their baby as "little turkey" - take a drink

A family member asks when you are getting pregnant - take 2 drinks

Your sister/brother/cousin/family member has an "announcement" to make - drink a bottle

Every Facebook post referring to a child being who they are thankful for - take 2 drinks

 Your friend you would have shared a due date with had your last cycle worked
posts how she is 37 weeks and ready to have this baby - drink 2 bottles

At dinner when asked what you are thankful for this year you reply; Clomid, Gonal F, progesterone and the cam at your RE's office  - take 4 drinks

You are thankful for your Reproductive Endo and nurses - take 2 drinks

You find yourself in the bathroom with said adult beverage, crying because you swore 
by Thanksgiving this year you would be pregnant -  drink a bottle

Every pregnancy announcement the past year you replied "congrats" instead 
of "i-hate-you-why-you-and-not-me" - take a drink

You are thankful for the online community of friends you have never met but
offer more love and support than most IRL friends - take a drink

 You have to excuse yourself from the table to give yourself an injection -  take a drink

You are in the middle of the 2WW - take a drink

You had to reschedule when you are eating because T.I. fell right in the middle of dinner -  
take a drink

A family member "knows" your pain because they tried for 3 whole months - take 3 drinks

You have to work Black Friday, and you work at a baby store - drink a bottle

A family member gives you their baby so you can "get practice" - take two drinks

You are told: just relax/ get drunk/ it will happen when it's supposed to/take a vacation/
once you stop trying it will happen - take a drink per comment

Aunt SoandSo comments "if it was meant to happen, it would happen" - take 2 drinks

Your dad/FIL/brother/uncle/cousins hands your husband male en.hancement pills and says
"this should get her pregnant" - take 3 drinks

You get home and completely lose it emotionally because another year has gone by - 
drink another bottle

Well friends, by now you should be good and wasted. I know that's my plan for tomorrow.
Don't get me wrong, I have so much to be thankful for this year, and I really am. 
But I'd be lying if I acted like it's not  hard to keep things in perspective when the only thing in the world I want is to be a mom and it still hasn't happened. 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


  1. Dead!!! at "Every time someone refers to their baby as "little turkey"

    Love you, friend. I;ll be drinking with you...

  2. hahahaha This is a great drinking game... I want to know if you ended up in the ER with Alchol poisening.


  3. Drink? More like shots. Hubs and I just relocated to Utah from Florida and all our friends etc. back home were all like "oh maybe NOW you'll get pregnant" like moving to another state would help our stupid unexplained infertility. And I have something stupid to confess...I really wanted to be pregnant by the time Breaking Dawn part 2 came out in the movies. Crazy right. Anyway, sending thoughts and prayers your way! Xoxoxo


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