Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Sister's Visit

Back at the end of September my sister finally made her 
way out here to visit me and see what Texas is all about. 
It was so nice having her here, and just being able to hang out like we used to.
We didn't do anything super special, but we did have a list of
places and things she just had to see before she left. 

One night we went to dinner at Babe's.
We went on a Sunday night and it wasn't too crazy busy.
Our server told us at the end of our meal Shaque was there. 
We contemplated asking to take a picture with him, but we both chickened out.

I also took my sister to Bahama Buck's to experience her first shaved ice.
Now for all my friends in CA, this is nothing like a slurpee or icee..
it's about 1 million times better! 
My sister is a huge Icee fan, and she agrees shaved ice wins hands down! 
If you haven't tried it, get yourself to a shaved ice stand. 
Or come visit me and I will take you!

The biggest of our adventures was heading to the Texas State Fair.
I have never been, and obviously, neither had she.
Travis tagged along with us. 
We ate some really terrible fried food, saw Big Tex, walked around, 
saw some animals, and did even more walking.
Overall we had a great time, but holy hell is the fair expensive. 

Big Tex. RIP.

These were nightlights. My BIL may need all of them.

Biggest Frito Pie Ever. Literally.

Enjoying said Frito pie.

Fried cinnamon roll with bacon. Barf.

Fried Shiner Bock beer. And a cold Shiner. Fried beer = blah

Fried alligator. Double barf.

Butter sculptures.

This is Boris. He is HUGE.

Big Tex


  1. Love this. The butter sculptures are amazing.

  2. Texas state fair must have been so fun. Those texans probably go all out! Hope all is well :-)

  3. AND you went to Babe's? Trouble . . . you're in trouble now.


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